UGH (shiver) moments

1 -- watching tv i caught an ad for a Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich. ever seen this commercial? it shows a chicken sandwich that is supposed to be plump and juicy but seems nothing short of gelatinous.

2 -- i shook some paprika onto my green bean dinner one night. the spice looked clumpy, which happens in humid atmospheres. then i took a closer look and realized that my paprika tin had become home to an infestation of tiny brown beetles. brown beetles on green beans, my spoon sitting haplessly among them.

3 -- walking to work one day a homeless guy asked me "is that your natural haircolor?" ha ha. i answered "no" and from behind me hear him reply "well, it makes a hell of a target."

4 -- older homeless men on market street have started calling me "sweetie"

5 -- some grimy looking foreign guy with a camcorder was filming me at Rite Aid yesterday. i noticed after about 5 minutes of shopping around. was he filming me the whole time?

6 -- on the way to work one guy actually tried to get my attention by yelling "Suicide! Suuuuuiiiiicide!" after me. like a hog call.