There are a few things that signal the apocalypse to me. the calendar year 2000 is not one of them. the pictures on this page however...

you can see a chunk of pigeon meat in it's beak!
<sick glee and fascination>

da story...
i was walking home from work when i saw a seagull actually stalk and then *take down* a pigeon right at the Civic Center fountains. shock gave way to pity and a sort of sick curiosity as i stood watching the seagull repeatedly whack the pigeon against the fountain stones until it was limp. sorta like a cat with a mouse. then it started feeding...<shiver> digging it's beak in and ripping out chunks of pink pigeon flesh. but the pigeon was not yet dead. it took four or five good chunks torn out of it before the thing finally seemed to give up and stopped moving altogether. i sat and watched until the spectacle ended and the seagull flew away. poor pigeon was nothing but a deflated feather bag with feet.

at least i know which bird i hate more now...there's just something about web footed predators that makes me wince.

needless to say, i've been carrying my camera with me to and from work ever since. and i got this on film. i missed out on the actual taking down of the bird. but still -- crazy.

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