(08/01) new quotes up today. no one sent me any info about the blair witch legos. sigh. guess this img is all i'm gonna get for now.

went to Reno, NV and saw the liger at the zoo down there. impressive creature! f*@$ing huge. almost twice the size of a normal big cat.

(07/07) yes it's been a month. no i haven't just been lazy -- i've been busy. traveling and traveling and traveling some more. but i'm back now. some new images up -- no new quotes yet. those're coming monday. really...no really...i mean it!

(06/07) quick update -- i'm really busy. some new pictures and quotes will be up soon. mebbe before end of the week. i just dunno. work work wor k wo rk w ork ork ork ork

(05/24) new quote today. the image below is from a Johnen Vasquez comic called "I Feel Sick". cute little social commentary. for some more social commentary, check this out: TV is Educational. and for something just sick, and i mean *gag reflex* sick, check out the stinkymeat project.

i'm road tripping to Idaho tomorrow this week. woo hoo! middle america here i come!

a friend of mine told me i should change the name of this site to gothmopia. (pout) rar.

(04/11) new quote finally. i have had a surreal weekend. i saw Six String Samurai. (see it. it is a "darned cool flick".) I flew kites. i auditioned for a Carlos Santana video. time flew by. and that is something that hasn't happened for too long.

(02/15) the guy selling me my muffin this morning said i looked like an astronaut. and i think i might have seen a dead homeless guy on the way to work. random. here's my valentines day greetings.

(11/11) hey -- someone dressed marilyn up for my birthday. now if only i could find that Lords of Acid midi...(evil grin). thanks daniel!

(11/03) i am currently experiencing a period of lethargy and apathy. quotes will continue, i'm sure, sometime soon. legos are a lost cause. so i'm opening the floor up to the public -- if you have a lego you want to see -- draw it/build it. then send a shot of it to me (lego@gothmafia.com) and maybe i'll put it in my lego sector along with some witty commentary.

(10/21) wow. what a coupla weeks. i saw a buncha good movies -- run lola run, american beauty, fight club, caged (great 70's sexploitation flick) -- i recommend them all. i had a fair amount of ugh moments. getting a new quote up sometime...

(09/30) new quote. (finally -- sheesh she's so damn lazy about that...) i also put some pictures up from this weekend. i took a car trip with some friends and saw some neat abandoned-building art. if you like rusted bars and wires hanging from the ceiling check it out.

(09/27) no quote yet. but guess what i saw last night at 2am? i caught a drug bust outside my window (on hickory alley between fell and oak, sf). i saw the lights first, and then heard the bullhorn. so of course i stuck my brightly colored head out the window to gawk. there were 8 cop cars and one cop van. they blocked in a guy in an old mustang (or what looked like one from the third floor) and started in with the bullhorn: "show me both your hands -- driver! keep the left hand up! now raise the right! stop! keep that left hand where i can see it!" the guy must have been freaked, because after about 10 minutes of that, with cops surrounding the car from behind, he got out and tried to run...run away...in an alley full of cops. anyway -- they got him cuffed, then the passenger in the car tried to back the car out of the alley. he only got about 5 feet before having to stop short in front of cop cars and cops themselves. so they got him out, and both passenger and driver were led away. then they proceeded to search the car -- i'd say there were about 6 cops on the job. the trunk and hood were opened, and things were tossed out into the alley, some of the things chinked or jingled. at about 3am they towed the car and everything returned to normal. and today i'm sleepy.

oh -- the picture below is daniel and his banana. no link to anything. it's just a random shot i got with the digital camera.

(09/23) new quote. was walking to work the other day and thought i saw an emptied bag of blood -- like from a blood bank -- lying on the sidewalk of duboce st. turns out it was an emptied bag of cranberry-pear relish. weird.

(09/16) doesn't look like there's gonna be a new quote this week. i'm exhausted. not sure why. supernatural creatures sucking the lifeforce out of me? an insidious virus? (shrug) i did catch a few episodes of "the hunger" on showtime last night though. one of them had Giovanni Ribisi and David Bowie. strange as usual. the other two episodes had less than stunning plot resolution. but lightning boy was worth watching.

(09/13) no new quote yet. but i did see something interesting this morning. walking down market street to work, i saw a man, possibly homeless, certainly dressed the part, reach under one of the stone benches outside the Washington Mutual building and pull out a long, pointed metal object. i'm talking around 4 - 5 feet long. one end was wrapped in newspaper, the other was pointy and the color of rust. the man whooped loudly, i got the impression that he had hidden it under the bench to keep it from being taken away from him, then ran down the street. about 10 seconds later i heard him yell again and saw a few people scatter out of his way as he continued to run up market street. ahh -- monday morning in the city of SF

(09/08) just got a message that i am "dismal diva of the week"! pretty cool. also, today is Cyndy's birthday -- happy birthday from west coast to east coast. hope this year is a really good one for ya.

and the guy below is *not* andy garcia. it's nick cage from "wild at heart". sheesh!

(09/10) had the most awful nightmares last night. everyone i knew was treating me like crap -- insults and nasty little comments everywhere. i kept "waking up" only to be confronted with more nightmarish stuff, like looking into the mirror and seeing myself. my eyes were not my own -- they were the wrong shape and looked as if they were rotting around the rims. i tried to scream and cry, but when my mouth opened there was a double irised eyeball where my tounge should have been. stupid imagination running wild...
Twice though, one friend showed up in the dream as a source of comfort. He walked in, sat down at a computer and calmly checked his email while chatting with me. Steve -- you're the greatest.

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