pages with links to ME on them (i'll quippily comment when i get time..)
||.i.n.c.a.n.t.r.i.x.|| some links from bajema. yay! i love that i maed it on to her links page.
Are You IMPURE? raining roses on page one and most other pages are long lists of goth sites.
Laszlo's Page scaaaary website -- esp. that starry thing that follows the mouse. he's cool. he think's i'm cool and has pictures of me on his site.
Dark Side of the Net i kinda feel like i'm in the yellow pages now. <woo hoo! validation!>
Svaha's Secret Links not anymore baby!!!
Daniel "da gnome" the man in my life. das boyfriend. no pictures though. gotta look on this site for those.
A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Have Thorns devilbunny! yay! pretty neat site as far as i can tell. i'm listed under "toys". sigh. no woman of honor am i!
disentigration lots of neat links so far. georgous goth of the week...let's see if it makes it into the "of the week" list above...
Liquid Chaos some fun artwork to look at. and they used my graveyard shot on page one.
Strange Links from Beyond run by lloyd. he's cool. biiig comic book fan. cool links. cool art. cool cool cool baby.
The Gathering chicago site. i'm listed in the links. they especially like my site name
Techno Goth
Fear used to be a listing of gothic websites. now it's changing. maybe the link to me is still in there somewhere, i didn't have the time to search.
RMcgill's Goth Page cool guy i know from atlanta. i like the picture on the first page.
goth force 9 Links
MAFIA on the Net these guys are russian. can't understand a word on their site. cool boy...crazy.
grey sterlings morturary links hmm -- double listing. alright grey!
Random Goth Stuff
Don't go out in that rain you're gonna melt
Vampyra Daisy biiiiiiig links list.
Gothic Mania watch out -- it's geocities!
Site of Sarah a friend -- she's writing a D&D type world called Al'Carsis. cool stuff. much detail!

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