A collection of what *I* think are interesting sites on the web. enjoy it or not.

UPDATED 4/27/99

some quick notes. this was updated the week of 03/15/99. -- i've become increasingly disillusioned with gothic.net. they have gotten more cryptic and less fun as time goes on. -- some old links have endured. some have not. -- any site on geocities automatically has two strikes against it.

________Of the Week:
Goth Babe of the Week   with a "new" look. still has archives though. fun to look through.
Gothic Reality Check of the Week slam slam slam the site....
gothmafia quote of the week pretty self explanatory.
Gothic.net and subsidiaries 
Gothic.Net it looks neat in this version. i don't go there much though...
Tamagothi Homepage i still like him.
Gothic Gardening mAlice has some real tips for us -- night blooming flowers and how to take care of them -- it taught me a bit....
Having To Do With Being Goth
Disgruntled Housewives of America Disgruntled Housewives of America Unite homepage -- Dick List: add your own slimeball to the list! fun site. full of those yummy betty page shots.
Aeclectic.net has goth/pagan links and poetry and stories and a biiig collection or tarot card shots (sent in by solandia)
The Gothic Order South Aftrica's goth site -- featuring e-zine with "Problems only Goth's Have" it's nice if you can figure out what to skip...
The Death Clock a clock that counts the days, hours, minutes and SECONDS (!!!) to your demise. i love this....
Gay Goth Network it's still there! "Website for young gay teenagers devoted to the gothic culture" 'nuff said.
Gothic Martha Stewart "DIY home decor for the morbidly inclined" a good parody page.
Disinformation.com "the subculture search engine" guess so, if he says it is...
Links to Links (or linx,lynx,lynks)
Indifferent.com a cool, really big list
VampLestat's Gothic Server Formerly at Gothic bannerz and links to links to links to pages and webrings and other such stuff that i have no time to catalog (like Makeup Tips for the Bleak...i'm glad that they do it for me.
Fetishwear links a great big beautifully blackened list of them
The Gothweb not psyched on how this page looks, but it's got lots of links to body modifications zines and other goth type stuff, and web search engines
Fun Wastes of Time
Stick Figure Death Theatre The name sayz it all...
The Coven.org vampups (that's Vamp UPS) and a couple of other cool items.
Unamerican.com propaganda site. neat stuff. cool stickers and anarchic (is that a word?) ideas
alt.devilbunnies ok, so the name of the site is cooler than the actual site. it stays for now.
Evil People good sense of humor and DEDICATION! at least look at the application for employment...you can even sell your soul...
EvilHex.com Do you find net-postcards boring? too happy? too f@%king sweet? Send someone a net hex!
Gothic.net.au not to be confused with just gothic.net.
a smallish site -- mostly a forum for it's limited users -- some neat stuff in their pages though -- a good surf -- plus a biiiig links page.
Grey Sterling's self-service mortuary links to the goth test, a goth fashion faq and makeup tips for the bleak.. worth checking out if you can handle that geocities popup crap.
Various People's Sites Worth Listing
Bajema.com some wicked artwork. pretty site.
Secret Bone Language some nice artwork and a list of net.goths complete with email links to each one, hey! she's got the fetishlinks now! cool for her.
A Place of Shadows Jeremy's site. cool 3D art -- check out the weightlifting bunny and cupid with 5pm shadow! the poetry's a little hard to read though. green text on red...
Agony A Go-G0 It's strange, a bit hard to understand in places, and has some nice artwork
Listing of People with links to me.