(or -- "Lego People That Aren't, Will Never, But Should Be...")
Second Week of June, 1999
We'll tear your soul apart!Lego Pinhead!

angels to some; sharp, pointy agents of gleeful mayhem to others.

now legoland has actual agents of hell! not those corny little red devils with silly pitchforks (although i hear lego marcy looks quite good in red latex and a tail...) but truely inspired, hard-working soul harvesters of Gehenna!

Pinhead, the self-proclaimed leader of the Cenobites, is truly an inspiration to all budding pain enthusiasts, just listen to some of his inspired phrases to the masses of legoland awaiting his guidance:

lesson one:
Hooks are good. Hooks with chains are better.
lesson two:
the puzzle box is your friend. play with the box. loooove the box. share the box with others.

maybe i'm the only one, but i have had a crush on this guy since moment one of the film. He's not pretty, and without the makeup he just ain't much of a scare; but dress him up in the pins and that pvc (mmmhmm!) outfit and i can't keep myself from doing that toothy-smiley-grrrrowly thing. too sexual for small children? definetly. that's why he's here. with us.

"We'll tear your lego soul apart!" (hmm -- ok, imagine a squeaky little pinhead voice saying that...)


(we're going to be updating this weekly with the Quote. if you have any decent ideas, send them to me. i promise you'll get credit.)

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