(or -- "Lego People That Aren't, Will Never, But Should Be...")
Second Week of May, 1999
lego jesus.Lego Edward Scissorhands

he has no hands...BUT YOU CAN GIVE EM TO HIM!!! yay!
do what the inventor never could! make him whole!"

Weepy lego Edward comes with detatchable child-safe "lego-scissorhands" and a set of true lego-hands. So now you can set him loose in your lego neighborhood to prune away, and once the angry mob starts after him on their little kneeless lego legs with their little lego torches, you (playing the part of dead Vincent Price) can give him hands and all can rejoice and dance around and laugh and sing little whooville songs...oh wait. sorry. wrong fairytale.

But still -- this is your chance to put an ending on the movie that's not so damnably silly. Snow comes from Edward, scissoring away ice sculptures...<weep weep weep>

(we're going to be updating this weekly with the Quote. if you have any decent ideas, send them to me. i promise you'll get credit.)

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