(or -- "Lego People That Aren't, Will Never, But Should Be...")
Fourth Week of May, 1999 and First Week of June 1999 (this guy deserves two weeks!!)
Groovy.Lego Ash!

does this image really need witty commentary?
i think not.
but, being the masochist that i am, i'm gonna try to write some...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

SWALLOW THIS, you three year olds!

Does your legoland have an S-Mart? Maybe. but does it have an S-Mart employee who can save the world from greenish, goopy, cataracted demons? IT DOES NOW!

Lego Ash -- the savior of Evil Dead Legoland! A true hero, this guy has it all. Reinact your favorite scenes! Sweet Henrietta's basement...Linda's head in a vice (those little cylindrical heads squish down real nice...)..."Give Me Back My Haaa-haa-haaa-aaaa-aand!"


Ash comes complete with:

one detachable "possessed ash" head --
removable hand mounted chainsaw --
reflective blood patch --
legoshotgun (this is no painted on pistol!) --
(planned expansion set includes necronomicon and possessed hand) --

WARNING: Ash's props are small and guaranteed to get stuck in the throats of small children. of course, small children do tend to be rather demonic in nature, so maybe that's not such a bad thing...

(Serving Suggestion: with a straw and a little mixture of red food coloring and karo syrup, you too can coat ash with layers of yummy goo!)


(we're going to be updating this weekly with the Quote. if you have any decent ideas, send them to me. i promise you'll get credit.)

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