June 1998
"Roses are red
until they die"


(the picture is a link to her website -- which rocks, by the way.)

"Love maims, wounds, kills.
But it's absence, well, anything's better than that."

--The Host, The Hunger on Showtime

"What people want now's a good time, and they want it with a vengeance.

Certainly that drive is what'll be powering the type of folks who'll be on their way over to my shop to try and buy the smokes they'll need for long hours at the city's gaming tables and dance halls. The weather alone would rule out any darker motivations. The breezy, light arms of the night air will wrap themselves around all those keen, hopeful souls, and they'll tear into the town like a meat district dog who's smelled out a bit of bone at the bottom of an ash heap. Most of their activities won't amount to nothing, of course, but that doesn't matter, part of the strange fun of getting rooked into thinking that anything's possible on the beaten, dirty streets of this Big Onion is knowing that if you don't find what you're looking for tonight, it's all that much more important that you try again tomorrow."

-- Caleb Carr, The Angel of Darkness

"Men are carried by horses,
fed by cattle,
clothed by sheep,
defended by dogs,
imitated by monkeys,
and eaten by worms."

-- Hungarian Proverb,
courtesy of Perry