July 2000
do you think we could get seth green and strawberry shortcake to mate?
- jenny/Breaklite

Please refrain from fearing the reaper.
-- Nigel

Acting is different than posing or pretending. When done with precision, it bears a striking resemblance to lying.

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...I moved in with Peg, a fun girl with a degenerative nerve disease...Peg's voice was slurred to the point that information operators and pizza-delivery services, thinking she was drunk, would hang up on her...
    A person in a wheelchair often feels invisible. Push a wheelchair and you're invisible as well. Outside of the dorm, the only people to address us would speak as if we were deaf, kneeling beside the chair to shout, "FATHER TONY IS HAVING A GUITAR MASS THIS SUNDAY. WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US?"
    Peg would beckon the speaker close and whisper, "I collect the teeth from live kittens and use them to make necklaces for Satan."

-- from the novel "Naked" by David Sedaris

kbk: ok -- so how's this for a bio for the company webpage: Kristen Kakos is a highly visual, talented web designer with a background in TOP SECRET level government work and acting. She has been living and working in San Francisco for three years, after a hasty, late night departure from the Washington, DC area. All other information is need-to-know only.

outside: "KK is easily irritated. It's rumoured that she is the result of a failed experiment in the crossing of ferns and cats. She currently lives in the pot next to the CTOs desk, where there's good sunlight, and no cats."

outside: "KK comes in many colours, luckly, this is a talent easily applied to the computer screen."

outside: "KK is a web designer and actress in the SF area. When she's not acting, she can be found flying kites tied to small children, and generally being a curdemudgen"

outside: "KK is the designer and maintainer of GothMafia.com, a website where you can make payments to the Gothic comunity to stay out of your clubs."

moof: it's a little-known fact that kbk is one of the world's biggest suppliers of black trenchcoats.

outside: "KK is an arteest and Web Developer in the bay area. She's not intentionally generic, but this happens here."

outside: "KK is what happens when you drink to much soda and pop-rocks."

outside: i'm amazed these bios for you don't end up being quoted on your site, k