February 1998
"When I die,
and you stuff me
will you promise
to give me
really pretty glass eyes?



"The day is treating me like i stole it's woman."


Written to Neil Gaiman during a question/answer session on Valentines' Day, 1998:

"No question, we're just here for the goth chicks."


The event at which Mr. Gaiman spoke was a fund raising event set up by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (cbldf). This organization fights for non-censorship of comics/graphic novels. Apparently there are still people out there who think comics are, and should stay, kid stuff. I think we all know this isn't the case, nor has it been for some time.
If you'd like some information about the cbldf, go to www.cbldf.org

These guys aren't sponsoring me, nor am i affiliated with them in any way save that i agree with their cause and feel like promoting it Cool? cool.

"I remember when my mom died,
I stood by the grave and shouted
'MOM -- you'd better get up now
the men are throwing dirt on you!'

Xena: Warrior Princess