THE "GOTHIC INFLUENCE" DOES NOT KILL. White supremacy, violence and stupidity are not a part of "gothic culture". I am angry and saddened by what those IDIOTS in Denver did. I am outraged at the scapegoating of the goth and industrial scenes that those IDIOTS in Denver have caused. The universal truth that individuals can be complete losers on their own without a clique to blame has obviously not occurred to some people.

Congratulations, dead boys, you have just made another group of people that much more alienated and pissed at the narrow-mindedness and thoughtlessness of poseurs like you.

I'm proud to call my site GothMafia. I like my black trenchcoat. I nurture my withering wit and gloomy demeanor, and I refuse to be cowed by two stupid dead boys from the midwest. I hope everyone else out there feels the same way. Don't let anyone think these two dead f@#ks were speaking for you.

End of my Rant.


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Ira's website and feelings

Dark Side of the Web has a large selection of links pertaining to goth and the "Media's Incorrect Usage of "Gothic" In Colorado Tragedy"
I got this email from a friend about the shootings in conyers GA (i'm from atlanta, GA). check it out:
Hope I'm not touching a sore spot here, but ... I thought I'd hand you a bit of info I stumbled across about the recent shooting in GA:

"The suspect was described both as a Boy Scout who was active in his church youth group and as a troubled boy."
-USA Today; Friday, May 21, 1999; "Teen Wounds six in Ga. high school", page 1A (cover).

Perhaps all the folks who slammed goths for encouraging violence will now start yelling at the Boy Scouts and church youth groups... Anything less would be hypocritical.
i agree. but i'll betcha that we don't hear any slamming of boy scouts or churches going on anytime soon...

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