rusty doors and wires from the ceiling....
(or, i turned into a small child one saturday)

these are pictures taken with my new digital camera (yay!! new toy!) while on a day trip with friends bill and liz(17k) in bill's new vw bug(18k). it's just the cutest little thing....(34k)

the day started out with a drive over the foggy Golden Gate bridge. the fog cleared just after the rainbow tunnel and we zipped (because that's what you do in a dark purple VW bug) up the coast to Muir Woods. while hiking a little trail to the redwoods i saw a lizard(7k) and a snake. i didn't get a picture of the snake... but it looked dangerous -- all black and yellow stripey. the redwoods were small, but still nifty. something about the spongy bark really dampens sound. so everything gets very cool and silent when you're surrounded by them. great atmosphere.

after hiking around the woods, we decided to visit the headlands -- meaning the rocky/cliffy shoreline of Marin County. that's where the real fun started. we ended up driving around the coast to these great old bunkers. they had big metal doors that were rusted shut, and bars over the windows. of course, the bars had long since been bent so that various groups of people could get inside(32k) and accomplish various personal tasks. having my camera and handy eddy-bauer penlight (hey -- it was a gift!), i decided that we needed to explore. (there's nothing like that creepy feeling you get from a dim, totally-inadequate flashlight and large, unexplored darkened rooms.)

the first thing i saw inside was this(11k). ahh the sweet mix of satanists and hippies. next to that was an upside down cross with "Spin Doctors Rule" spray painted over it. hah!

check this room(26k) out. it doesn't look quite as cool in the harsh light of the flash as it did in the dim flashlight glow. but that's ok.

this was the second rooom(26k).

the hallway(32k) was painted up too. you gotta love those big metal twisty cords hanging from the ceiling, and the word search on the right hand wall.

best for last here -- check this(34k) and this(44k) out. it is a big ball of twisted cords, wires, thin sheet metal, garden hoses and the like hanging from the ceiling. a shining example of industrial suspensionalism right here in our own headlands!

- kbk, 9.25.99
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