August 1998
"If Kristen is in a state of angst (defined as d*m/h: depression d = 1.0,misery m = inverse coefficient of her relationship ratio, h = hair lengthin centimetres) and then accelorates at 0.75c (c = the speed of light =321,000 km/sec), that at what point does she return to a rapturous state ofgoth goddess-hood, there by transforming her site back to a pleasing black?

For extra credit, how many megajoules of energy are required to re-blacken her website?"

-- Perry

(for those of you tuning in who don't quite get this, Perry is referring to the fact that i turned my site white for a few months after a particularly harsh know, to reflect my pain and depression.)

"That which we experience in dreams, if we experience it often, is in the end just as much a part of the total economy of our soul as is anything we "really" experience: we are by virtue of it richer or poorer."

-- Friedrich Nietzche

Uma: "Disappointment doesn't kill."
Jeanine: "No, rejection kills, disappointment only maims."
-The Truth about Cats and Dogs

"Knowledge is power
power corrupts
study hard
be evil."