August 2000
I seem to wear this sign from time to time that says "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE FUCK WITH MY HEAD"
-- Bezoar

outside: "KK hates most of the people she hangs out with. she expresses this via dance and architecture. It's noted that no one would build her buildings, despite being made from genious."

edistuo: "KK has acted as an extra in many movies, you can find her in the background of just about every major studios movies. you'd almost think she's stalking the director."

(more ideas for short bios about me from good ole' jan!)

...and this week's moral is: learn to make fun of yourself and recognize the weaknesses of a stereotype, or staple your hand to your forehead and die bitch die.

hey now
hey now now
drink this Corona with me

-- moof's idea for a beer commercial aimed at the gothic crowd

goth -- validation by assimilation

-- Jorm.

Why mess around with voodoo when you can just stick needles in people you hate?
-- internet comic "?" #33

The Princess Bride would have been a lot different if Wesley had said 'Let me be your sass monkey' instead of 'As you wish'.
-- internet comic "?" #342


-- from